ITK-„Meine ersten 6 Monate in Deutschland“

This course focuses on intercultural communication in reactive cultures, such as Japan, China and India.

Who profits from this course?

Everyone who leads teams with members from reactive cultures, such as, e.g. Japan, China or India, and needs to optimise communication, resources and workflows in their team.

You will learn:

  • to lead team members from reactive countries successfully
  • troubleshoot intercultural conflict with reactive cultures
  • securely take measures to optimise teamwork and communication

This course includes:

  • A Serious Game where you will take over the role of Charlotte, who has a business meeting in Japan and has to figure out some culturally tricky situations.
  • Interactive presentations with in-depth information on hierarchy, communication and collectivism in reactive cultures.
  • A method to help you communicate with the indirect communication style reactive team members are used to.
  • Information about the countries, reactive culture and do’s & don’ts in Japan, China and India.
  • Animated videos with a buddy, who will accompany you throughout this course, and will give information about real-life critical incidents of working with colleagues from reactive cultures.
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge and win valuable points for your score.
  • Social learning with chats and forums to connect with other leaders.
  • A personalised certificate, to proof your successful participation in the course.
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